Sex and the City Turns 20

Sex and the City was released 20 years ago and 20 years ago this month I left New Orleans to follow a love to New York City.  Although fashion has always been my first love, New York still will be the one I fell for hard, fast, and head over of heals or heels for.  The television series, Sex and the City, was an excuse to leave my 4-story walkup, 750 square foot apartment to go out and explore. Initially my first weeks in New York appeared loud, daunting, and felt incredibly lonely. Week after week I would watch the 30-minute show trying to figure out where the ladies were lunching, brunching, working, or drinking and then visit their jaunts. Sex and the City forced me to go out and learn to take the subway, the buses, and navigate the neighborhoods. There was no GPS back then and I did not own a cell phone. New York and America were in a different place, the city was vibrant, magical, and our country indestructible but this was pre-911 and pre-Facebook.  Fashion Week was in Bryant Park and the contemporary boutique clothing market was about to boom. To this day those years seem like a dream; I was walking around in a real-life fairy-tail or my equivalent of Disney World. I was naïve, poor, yet full of hope. The series and the outfits on the four women only solidified my love for clothing and design which in turn encouraged me to start classes at FIT and pursue a career in the fashion industry. I took insane risks with my ensembles, stood in-line for sample sales, and purchased my first Manolo Blahniks at Jeffery’s from sales clerk Eduardo Alvarado, who I am still friends with today.

Thank you, Patricia Fields for impeccable costume design that used clothing and accessories to reinforce the personalities of the cast. Thank you, Darren Starr for allowing the streets of New York to be your 5th leading role.

I am unashamed to admit I drank one too many cosmopolitans and bought numerous pashminas. 

And now onto what everyone wants to talk about, what Carrie wore…my favorite looks:


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