Real Life Red Carpet Mardi Gras 2022

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Mardi Gras is here and outside of embarrassing my daughter by taking overly joyous proud mom pictures with her as she marches in the school band, I am here for one thing…the costumes. The Costumes! THE COSTUMES!

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite Mardi Gras costumes as we scroll through my iPhone 5SE camera roll!

Pro tip- if your Mardi Gras hat can fit in frame for a selfie, it’s not big enough…check!

ALSO, headpieces and hats add at least 4 inches to your height. Take the height when you can. Add that to heel height and I am officially 5′ 5″!

I may never be a royal…but it helps when one of your best friends is!

Congratulations to my friend Lisa L. on her reign as Queen Nefertiti-II!

Never pass up an opportunity to wear a body suit. PTA meetings make that decision tough, Mardi Gras makes it easy!

The only thing that should be bigger than your hair is your skirt! Possible exceptions to the rule include hoop earrings and hand bags.

Hats add height! Utilize them whenever you can.

Have good looking friends that are way more coordinated than you will ever be!

And above all never pass up the opportunity to be a very proud mom/embarrass your child in front of all their friends! (she was two seconds away from nunchucking me with those drum sticks)

Do you have glitter everywhere?



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Signing off from the sidewalk side…

With style and grace,

Aimée Gowland

ALG Style


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