Festival Fashions Do’s and Don’ts

We went on WWLTV this morning and got to chat with the lovely anchor, and now author, Sheba Turk about festival fashion. In the past decade festival fashion has gone from an after thought to a full on season/genre in fashion. Along the way, we’ve picked up some tips for how to look good and more importantly feel good during festival season. Roll the clip and read the tips!


Overalls, Jumpsuits and Jumpers

You want full-access whenever you are at a festival. Backstage, media lounges and in the restrooms. Do not get me wrong, you look cute in your little jumper, but it becomes a problem when you encounter a festival restroom. The music at the fests are beautiful, the facilities are not. Do everything you can to limit your time and room for error in those ‘restrooms.’


Easy, Breezy, Breathable Fabric

You want to look hot, not feel hot. It’s Jazz Fest, not Sweat Fest- go with light fabrics that protect you from the sun, but prevent you from heating up too quickly.

Traditional Cuts

Yes, we are excited to be outside and feel the sun on our skin, but that zig zag top might leave you with some interesting tan lines until the 4th of July. Wear something more traditional cut to your every day aesthetic so your tan lines wont be so crazy.

Run and Dance

It’s a festival. You are there to move around and be free. Make sure your outfit permits you to do so.

And now on to the looks!

Helena Kocklanes
Instagram: @helenakoclanes

Dress: Em’s Boutique

Purse: Em’s Boutique

Top: Em’s Boutique

Hat: Angelique Boutique

Tracey Wiley
Instagram: @tracey_wiley

Dress: Em’s Boutique

Purse: Em’s Boutique

Shoes: Em’s Boutique

Sunglasses: Em’s Boutique

Hat: Angelique Boutique

April Dupré
Instagram: @aprildupre_

Dress: Em’s Boutique

Purse: Em’s Boutique

Hat: Angelique Boutique

Aimée Gowland
Instagram: @ALGStyle

Top: Hemline Metairie

Skirt: Hemline Metairie

Earrings: Hemline Metairie

Shoes: Em’s Boutique

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