Do you really know about Injectables??

I have a confession to make. While my appearance may look young and jubilant (thank you Instagram filters and preferential lighting), I actually need a little bit of help. Scratch that- I need a lot of help. And one of those helpers are injectables. I am not ashamed to say that I have routinely used injectables, especially when entering my more…recent years.

While Botox and injectables were once risqué, they are now becoming common ground for beauty and maintenance. So much so, that it feels like EVERYONE offers some sort of injectables. From your dermatologist, med spa’s, beauty salons, even Botox parties- they’re everywhere. Amongst all this mayhem I took a step back and said: ‘Do I actually know what injectables are? And what is going in to me?’ I can honestly say, no I am not that well educated on injectables. I trust the medical professionals that are administering the service, but decided to dig a little deeper.

Enter Chronos (yet again). I have been going to Chronos for years. From facials, manicures, CoolScultping to Injectables- Chronos has it all when it comes to beauty, pampering, fitness and maintenance. Most recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Sarah, their newest injector, and finally got some in-depth knowledge on everything injectables.

It was refreshing getting Sarah’s take on injectables. Most notably, that one size does not fit all. And that “problem areas” might not need to be treated in the ways I previously thought. Sarah, and all of Chronos, takes a much more holistic approach to their injectables process; giving me piece of mind…and a fresher face.

To book an appointment today or Call (504) 267-4549 Today! Tell them ALG Style sent you!

And if you are all set on injectables do not fear- Chronos has something for everyone. Check out their specials for October:

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