CHRONOS Lifestyle Membership

Another Warehouse Sale is upon us. And that means two of my favorite things in one place; shopping and CHRONOS! I am a loyal CHRONOS customers and love it for many reasons (the amazing gym, their relaxing spa services, their expertise in injectables) I could go on forever. Every experience I have their is delightful and leaves me feeling refreshed. But what what truly amazes me about CHRONOS  are the incredible deals they offer.

This past week I was in CHRONOS filming a promo video for The Warehouse Sale. Yet again, CHRONOS will be doing Free CoolSculpting consults at The Warehouse Sale. They will be bringing their famous prize wheel (you spin, you win), but what truly stuck out to me is when CHRONOS told me about their ‘Lifestyle Membership.’ And it truly is a Lifestyle. For only $129/month you get a 1.) A free manicure 2.) An hour long facial or massage 3.) Full Gym Membership 4.) 10% Off ALL services and products! I legitimately had to cut the video while filming and ask if that is even real. Anywhere else I could easily spend TWICE that on gym+spa+manicure! Not only does CHRONOS offer such an amazing deal (and outstanding quality), but all of these amenities are in one convenient and beautiful location.

Yes, I am very much looking forward to The Warehouse Sale Sunday, August 25th. But quite honestly, I cannot wait until Monday August, 26th to begin my brand spanking new Chronos Lifestyle Membership!

The Chronos Lifetsyle Membership only $129/MONTH

  1. A free manicure
  2. An hour long facial or massage
  3. Full Gym Membership
  4. 10% Off ALL services and products


Start your CHRONOS Lifestyle Membership today! For more info- visit their website OR give them a call today: (504) 267-4549. Tell them ALG Style sent you!


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