What is the Unicorn Hour?

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Over the past few Warehouse Sales we have introduced an amazing bonus called The Unicorn Hour. The name may sound familiar, but there is a little confusion as to what The Unicorn Hour is and most importantly how YOU can become a Unicorn!

What is The Unicorn Hour?

The Unicorn Hour starts at 9:30AM the morning of The Warehouse Sale and gets you in before everyone else. The Unicorn Hour upgrade was created as a way to say thank you to our loyal shoppers! The Unicorn Hour is an Upgrade and not Giveaway.

How many people get into the Unicorn Hour?

Not many. We limit the amount of Unicorns to a couple of handful of lucky shoppers. It is almost like having a private sale just for yourself!

Are there any perks besides getting in early?

Yes! Unicorn Shoppers get free champagne and a Warehouse Sale tote bag.

Sounds fun! How can I purchase Unicorn Hour tickets?

You can’t! Unicorn Hour tickets can not be purchased. BUT, in order to be upgraded to Unicorn Hour you need to purchase some sort of ticket. You can purchase a VIP Ticket, you can purchase a 2PM ticket, just as long as you purchase a ticket!

The Unicorn Hour is an upgrade and NOT a giveaway?

Correct! Only ticket purchasers are eligible to be UPGRADED to The Unicorn Hour. If you have not yet purchased a ticket, you are not eligible for The Unicorn Hour.

If Unicorn Hour tickets cannot be purchased, how can I become one?

First and foremost, you have to purchase a ticket of some sort. The Unicorn Hour is a ticket upgrade not a giveaway. Leading up to The Warehouse Sale, we will randomly select a couple handful of shoppers that embody the energy and spirit of The Warehouse Sale and upgrade them to The Unicorn Hour. That could mean tagging your friends in a post, it could be liking all our posts, it could be leaving a really nice comment OR it could be winning a random Unicorn Hour upgrade contest.

Good luck to all of of our unicorns and remember to make sure you…

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