Talking Swimsuit Fashion on WWLTV

We brought some very beautiful people on WWLTV last Thursday to talk swimsuit fashion. I may or may not have referenced Banana Hammocks, watch the clip to find out…

My Top 5 Rules for Swimsuits:

1.) Color!!! Suits and patterns that flatter your particular skin tone.

2.) You get what you pay for. Swimsuit trends tend to last a little bit longer from season to season. Invest in quality fabric and construction. No one wants a Wardrobe malfunction with a bathing suit.

3.) Less isn’t always more…a maillot one piece or high waisted to P vintage style bikini Be just sexy as a string bikini.

4.) There are different swimsuits for different occasions. What you may wear to The One in Miami or at the drifter Hotel may not be what you wear chasing after your kid on the redneck Riviera.

5.) For the guys it’s fun to play with color and patterns. The beach is a time guys can take a bit of a fashion risk. Bright florals, bold hues and stripes… are all appropriate for any age. A go to and very flattering length for gentleman would be a about 4-6  inches above the knee, right where that thigh  muscle breaks.

Onto the looks:

The very beautiful Sarah Kate (left) and always gorgeous Helena Kocklanes (right) wearing swimsuits and accessories from LUKKA New Orleans.

Left to right- Helena Kocklanes, Bradley Schneller, Sarah Kate, Anthony Peters. Girls both rocking all things LUKKA New Orleans and the fellas are head to toe in Iron Horse.

Me on set trying very hard not to say banana hammock on morning tv and then breaking down and saying banana hammock on morning tv.


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