Real Life Red Carpet November 2020

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Gobble! Gobble!

This Thanksgiving may look a little different for many of us this year. Typically, a day we put on a finer outfit and head to the living room to spend with family we may only see once or twice a year (that is just fine for some of us) and give thanks together.


Many of us have had to reconfigure our day or opt out of larger gatherings all together. Try to turn this into a positive, for the safety of yourself and others you can now avoid any back handed compliments from older relatives and do not have to cringe when off color comments and current political misgivings arise at the dinner table. It is truly a healthier day for everyone mentally and physically, such a blessing.

Nonetheless, we do not have to look like frumpy slackers at home in front the TV. You can make the choice to still get your act together and get dressed. The day can still be respectful and stylish. Save the darn matchy-matchy lounge wear set you all purchased during quarantine until after dinner to binge watch football and Hallmark movies.  Put on real pants or a dress and eat your bird on real plates. Bring a little grace back into 2020.

 What I Am Thankful For…

Many thanks to all the clients that kept style moving forward in the last 9 months. Fashion may change with the times and the culture; style and grace are always relevant.

I am truly grateful for all the customers and vendors that participated in our downsized socially-distanced events in the last three months. We adapted to new rules and regulations and a good safe time was had by all.

 Let the ALG Elves help!

Do not forget that ALG Style can handle all of your shopping needs. Give us your list, we will check it twice and everything can be wrapped up nice. We work with you on procuring gifts for staff, clients, teachers and loved ones. We come up with unique ideas in your budget to help make you look like a sincere gift giving rock star.

Let us help you not ONLY avoid crowds and traffic we can do the dirty work for you for SAFETY reasons. To book your COVID Safe ALG Shopping elves call (504) 237-1104 or email me at

 Same Old Christmas Card?

Are you also tired of basic family holiday pictures? Does your family have some sort of basic jean/khaki plaid short outfit combo year after year under an oak tree or posed in white shirts on a beach? SNAP OUT OF IT. With a few tweaks and suggestions, we can break up the boring holiday card monotony.

Happy to assist , actually for selfish reasons,  on creating something effortless for you to send out and me to hang on my holiday card wall.

Consider ALG Style your holiday style hotline.

 Last, but certainly not least!

Over the last month and a half I have teamed up with Dress For Success New Orleans for a very special project! On Tuesday, November 24th, Dress for Success New Orleans will launch our #DFSPowerPiece CLOSET TOUR campaign with silent auction closing on Giving Tuesday, December 1st. This campaign opens the closet doors of NOLA celebrities to learn what empowers them. Check out my interviews with several local style makers such as Casmé, Martine Linares, Tracey Wiley, Amanda Shaw, Kookie Baker, Helena Moreno and Margo DuBos.

 (Click here Check out my closet tour with Margo DuBos!) 

Financial donors can vote with their donation for the best closet in New Orleans, named December 1st at 8:00pm. Donations ensure our always free programming can continue to empower local women.

Signing off from the Real-Life Red Carpet…

With style and grace,

Aimée Gowland

ALG Style


(504) 237-1104

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