Real Life Red Carpet: It’s hot, but it’s Fall?

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It’s the day after Labor Day so you know what that means…bring on the pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween decorations and oppressive New Orleans heat and humidity, baby!

Fall Colors, Summer Fabrics

Just because it’s hot, doesn’t mean you have to do away with the tonal palette. Keep the aesthetic, but just change to a lighter fabric! I am a fan of Eyelet cotton (featured above). It’s light, breathable and has a nice texture to it.

Matching Suit Sets

Finally, we have moved away from sweatsuit sets and into real clothing! Be ready for matching blazer / pants / skorts (yes skorts is a real word)! A few years back a blazer would have seemed over the top dressy, but it is fair game fancy casual today! ANDDD if it does ever cool down, you have the perfect layer to keep warm.

And the fall color is…

The hot color this fall is T-Cock. I mean peacock or teal! That was a great word vomit on live tv! But yes, peacock or teal are going to be popular this season. It’s an ode to the traditional Fall tones, with a pop of color for those wanting a little more flair.

Wardrobe generously provided by our friends at Inspired by Indigo!

Signing off from the Real Life Red Carpet. Stay cool, look hot! And as always, if you need someone to help you look your absolute best give ALG Style a call!

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