No Strings Attached Episode 4 The Mardi Gras Rugby

Episode 4

Love the Mardi Gras Rugby? Hate it? Well, we discuss it at length with self-proclaimed fashionista (fashionisto?), my personal trainer, Bradley Schneller. This debate has been going on for the past two years and we finally decided to settle once and for all on the show. My Co-Host, The Joe Luft, judiciously oversaw this debate in a ‘People’s Court’ like fashion making sure that both sides clearly presented their case with no shenanigans.

Special thanks to Rebecca Nordgren at Chatta Box for letting us film at her beautiful store!


We want this to be interactive, fun and potentially painful for me. SOOOO, if we get 500 iTunes Subscribers, 1K views on Facebook & Instagram (2k total), yours truly Aimée Gowland will begrudgingly wear a Mardi Gras Rugby!


Why Bradley loves the Mardi Gras Rugby

Why Aimée DOES NOT like the Mardi Gras Rugby

Is the Mardi Gras Rugby unique?

Who should wear the Mardi Gras Rugby?

AND- the final decision of what shall be down with the Mardi Gras Rugby moving forward.

How to watch and listen…

Want to see our pretty faces? Watch the Full Episode right here!


On the run?

Good news, just hit Play on the SoundCloud audio below and listen to the full episode (iTunes Podcast option coming VERY soon)


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