How to Buy the Perfect Gift

‘Tis the season for everyone to rush around frantically in search pf the perfect gift. We get 365 Days (sometimes 366) to think about the perfect something for our loved ones, but each year we find ourselves lost and confused when it comes to gift giving. As a result, typically we overspend on something that is unwanted and unused…so how do we fix this- how do we purchase the PERFECT gift…

1.) Take a Walk in Their Shoes

What does this person do through out a week- where do they go? What do they do? Who do they see? What do they eat? Where do they work out? What do they drink? Chances are somewhere in that routine 7 day cycle a gift idea exists.

2.) Make Their Day Easier

Gifts don’t always have to be lavish, sometimes they can be downright practical. While practical might not sound sexy, the comfort and convenience of a practical gift could pay dividends all year long.

3.) Gift Cards are Actually VERY VERY VERY Nice

Contrary to popular belief, an allotted amount of money to a location is not a tacky gift. On the contrary, gift cards can be quite thoughtful WHEN you put a lot of thought into what the individual enjoys the most. Does the person have a particular coffee shop or restaurant that they frequent and adore? Is their a local boutique they shop at? Hell, pay an Entergy bill for them (that’s on my wish list every year!).

4. Still Stumped?

Buy them an ALG Style Gift Card…a few hours with a personal shopper and stylist is great for your wardrobe and your mind! Give us a call (504) 237-1104 or email us today!

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