Father’s Day Gift Guide

Trying to figure out how to show all the important men gratitude on Father’s Day does not have to be the equivalent of Keanu solving the Matrix. Start with a mental snapshot of week in their life and then think of ways to make the daily grind a bit easier. Another trick  is to list the things they enjoy but consider a luxury or guilty pleasure. Your baby daddy might love ice coffee from District Donuts yet does not want to run in daily for his fix, a gift card with a small note would be a useful and thoughtful treat. Your brother appreciates a clean cut and shave but doesn’t have the time to sit that long, time to relax with gift card to The Parker Barber.  Your father believes he can turn into Bear Grylls or Batman at any given moment, keep the illusion alive with a cool piece of gear from Massey’s.

Here are flawless and effortless tokens of appreciation to give them Sunday:

Ragged Branch Distillery: A couple options here…you can send them on over to Bourbon & Barbells this Saturday at CrossFit Roux where they can shred and sip. You can also buy them the best bourbon money can buy (send us an email, we’ll get you hooked up)! And if that Bourbon has you hungry, well good news! Ragged Branch also has their own line of mash-fed black angus beef cuts…Bourbon, Beef, Barbells, sounds like a win for dad!

Lakeview Grass Doctors: For those guys that still mow the lawn and trim the hedges, invest in a few months with LGD.. I compare a Dad not having to get out in the heat on a Sunday to a girl getting her hair blown out at Blow Dry Bleu @bleu_a_blowdrybar.  Your lawn is on-point for a week and humidity just got a kick in the butt.

“Give the man the big piece of chicken.” – Chris Rock Let your man have a break from the kids, his mother, his job, and you. (just kidding) Even five minutes of quiet and alone time can re-set his head and he is better because of it.

Bayou Oaks City Park Golf Course: The new course is stunning and the clubhouse is open for lunch.  Pay his green fees and lunch upfront.

Put up a good fight – Tickets to Regis “Rougarou” Prograis Instagram: @regisprograis.

Speak in Bespoke: Custom anything…jacket, suit, denim and shoes from Luca Falcone. Every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.


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