Be True to Your School

Very fun fact – I was a cheerleader in high school! Not so surprisingly, I wasn’t the most coordinated or gifted cheerleader. However, what I lacked in skill, I made up for in sparkle and fashion. Give me an event, and I’ll find a way to style it, which is why I hopped on Great Day Louisiana to break down how to look your best while cheering on your preps!

For those of you who want to ace the test, but not go to class (aka not watch the video) here are my spark notes

1.) Color Block: I’m doing it, Taylor’s doing it. Let your school/teams colors pop with contrasting tones. Please remember to look up the team and school colors before going to a game. While it is fun to stand out in the fashion world, wearing the opposing teams colors won’t score you many points, or field goals or touchdowns.

2.) Bootie! Bootie! Bootie! I still rock them everywhere. Yes, a comfortable sneaker plays very well in this fashion climate, but don’t be afraid to still wear a bootie with a flare or oversized pant. Just make sure you can trek through mud and the hot sun in them.

3.) Last, but not least… make sure it fits. Your husband’s letterman jacket from 1995 might seem like a good idea, but make sure it is somewhat flattering. Boxy is not bad, but if it takes up your whole body, opt for something else. Also, that said jacket might have been in storage for a good 10 years… a little dry cleaning to freshen up the color and smell never hurts.

A VERY special thanks to Hemline French Quarter for generously outfitting us and providing models for the segment!

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Be True to Your School

Very fun fact - I was a cheerleader in high school! Not so surprisingly, I

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