2023 Festival Fashion

It is almost time for the most magical time of year…Jazz Fest! It’s music. It’s sun (but not too much). It’s fashion and light shenanigans. Like all big events, the sideshow of what you are wearing and doing at these festivals can be just as big as the main act. You must be prepared to hike 3 miles in blazing sun or mud, stand for hours on end, stay hydrated, eat, have fun and also not look like a train wreck when your best friend from high school runs into you and wants to take a picture.

I jumped on Great Day Louisiana to breakdown all the festival fashions for 2023. Give it a watch or read the spark notes below

Breathable fabrics

Linen is your friend. It’s breathable, resilient and will give you an elevated polished look. I love it to layer over a t-shirt or tank top or to be worn as is.

Just say no to flip flops

Unless you are blessed with a spouse that will sherpa you around the fairgrounds, your feet are going to walk through some ‘interesting’ terrain.


Crochet dresses. Crochet tops. They are going to be everywhere this festival season.

Hats! Hats! Hats!

Have you been wanting to debut your over the top sun hat? Now is the time. Not only can you make a fashion statement, it will also protect you from the endless rays. My only rule is make sure your hat is not so obnoxious that the people behind you can’t see the stage. I love this hat from Hola Guava that lets you wear your hair up without compromising on shade.

Pack it up

Your bag is a fashion statement and a life saver. Pack it with water, safety pins and band-aids; you or someone in your party will need it at some point. With that in mind bring a larger bag and one with easy to use straps.

Have fun!

Remember it is a music festival. Show some personality and flair with a pop of color. Wear something you can dance in. Wear something you don’t mind if it gets a little scuffed.

A special thanks to FeBe Clothing and Hola Guava for outfitting us for the segment!

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