2023 Fall Fashion Trends

Allegedly Fall is here? Maybe not this week, but very soon. To prepare you for the chilly 80 degree days I jumped on Great Day Louisiana with Malik Mingo to discuss 2023 Fall Trends!


Let’s journey back to the early 2000s (can you believe that was 20 years ago?!) with the monochromatic look. A great way to achieve this without appearing too much like a color block is by using similar tones throughout your outfit, but not necessarily all the same, and by incorporating various fabrics.

Maxi cut

We’re all going to look slim and tall this fall. The Maxi Cut is another throwback trend that is also figure-flattering.

Colored leather and denim

I love it when old trends get a fresh update. Thanks to advancements in textile production, leather (whether faux or vegan) is now a staple material that can be casually worn. I’m also a fan of waxed denim. Both of these materials in non-traditional colors provide fantastic texture and flair for your fall look.

Tall Boots

Yes, skinny jeans are out (R.I.P.c… Rest in Plato’s Closet), BUT not everything from 2010 has vanished. Hang onto your tall boots; they’re still very much on trend.

Mesh and sheer

Mesh and sheer are still here, but you don’t need to take them too literally. The transformation of this look from futuristic and risque to casual has been quite a journey. In this video, I’m wearing mesh, but underneath it, I have a solid skirt. Some occasions may call for the more daring version of mesh and sheer, but not many. Use this trend wisely or let those Facebook Memories haunt you forever.


Metallic silver. You’re going to spot it in shoes, jackets, and more. Instead of your usual animal print, try swapping in some chrome for a fresh twist.

A special thanks to Swoon Boutique, Ems Boutique and FeBe for generously outfitting us for the segment!

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