Get Your VIP Tickets here!

Get Your VIP Tickets here!

BREAKING NEWS: The Warehouse Sale is BACK Sunday, September 20th from 10AM – 5PM at The Cannery! After carefully monitoring the situation and putting on several mini-events we feel comfortable and prepared to bring back the premier shopping event of the year! Like most things these days, The Warehouse Sale will be a little different:

1.) The first being the number of vendors. In order to give proper social distance we will have a cap of 15 vendors. Do not fear, they are still the same great vendors you have known to love over the years PLUS some great new vendors!

2.) Every shopper is required to purchase a ticket. Due to COVID restrictions on the numbers of guests at events, we are limiting the number of shoppers and requiring that all shoppers purchase a ticket for a specific time slot. The most expensive and longest lasting ticket is the VIP Hour (which is actually two hours) and gets you in the door before everyone else. The prices per ticket decrease through out the day.

3.) In order to ensure the health and safety of all staff, stores and shoppers masks are required at all times and must be properly worn.

The Warehouse Sale brings together all your favorite local boutiques and designers in one venue, for one day and EVERYTHING IS ON SALE!

VIP Hours (10AM – Noon): $35 (admits 1 person)

Noon – 1PM Ticket: $20 (admits 1 person)

1PM – 2PM: $15 (admits 1 person)

2PM – 3PM: $10 (admits 1 person)

3PM – 4PM: $5 (admits 1 person)

4PM – 5PM: $5 (admits 1 person)

Get Your VIP Tickets here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ok! Sale sounds great, but how good are these deals?

Incredible. The deals are incredible. They start at 20% Off and go up to 80 – 90% Off.

Do I have to buy a ticket?

Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we are requiring that all shoppers purchase a ticket for a select time slot. Please contact us if you have any questions about the ticketing process!

How do I find the best deals at The Warehouse Sale by ALG Style?

Come early! You will find a good deal all day long, but things tend to get snatched up quickly. If you get a VIP Ticket (click here for one) you get in two full hours before everyone else!

Where is The Warehouse Sale by ALG Style?

The Cannery in Mid City (map here). And there is plenty of parking!

What stores will be there?

There will be 15 fabulous local vendors. It’s a good mix of stores you already love PLUS some great new additions! By following along on our social media accounts you will learn about a new store each day. AND if you join The Warehouse Sale Facebook Group (click here) you will hear the store list before anyone else!

How do I get receive my tickets?

Once you purchase your VIP Ticket(s) you will be sent an email confirmation. Once you have received that email you are all good to go. No need to print out your tickets, just hold onto the email and/or QR code you receive and we will check you in electronically!

If you don’t receive an email within 24 hours, please contact us ( and we will confirm whether or not your order went through!

Have more questions?

We love hearing from you! Send us an email ( and we will get back to you very quickly!


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