2019 Golden Globes Red Carpet Fashion Recap

Lady Gaga

Looks like lavender cotton candy cloud. Way to be a lady and make a statement at the same time.


Gemma Chan

Dream outfit romper (LOL) meets gown.


Julianne Moore

Proportions are off. Idea was good, but failed in reality.


Allison Janney

Elegant and such a refreshing color.


Anne Hathaway

Cheetahs never prosper. Take that as you may.


Janelle Monáe

Can someone please explain why do we keep trying to make Janelle Monáe happen? Somebody for the love of God drop some knowledge on me. She cute, but it’s not 2011.


Emily Blunt

Doilys done right.


Michelle Yeoh

Texture & color. Sexy AND sophisticated. Other wise know as my Lark in the Park dress.


Julia Roberts

Wearing Stella McCartney. Fresh and chic. I liked her blonde hair too.

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